https://quarantimes.global/ is a transnational calender. In times like this, the main boundary to access events is access to the internet and the question of language. The calendar is thought to be a tool to make online events that happen across the globe accessible. Also, we want to support DIY events with “how to” help. The calendar gathers some resources, Infos, and web-links to initiatives that have solidarity and transnational perspective on the crisis. Join in with your online events!

action/protest/camp, bar/cafe, book shop/info shop/library, course/workshop, discussion/presentation, exhibition, film, meeting, music/concert, party, radio/tv, theater, work space/DIY

You can put in your events on https://radar.squat.net/

Go to https://radar.squat.net/en/quarantimesglobal

There Press: Propose a new event for the group
Then insert your Event Infos – we confirm the event and then it’s public on our webpage!

If you are a group you can also use https://radar.squat.net for your events. Radar offers several ways of how you can include the Events there into your web-page (e.g.: wordpress-plug in) https://radar.squat.net/en/show-radar-events-your-website